Questions to the Blind

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Abdul-Hakim Shabazz (

Islamic Society of North America ( ,

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Indianapolis Star (

Please answer these questions.

Why should a religion, that is a theocracy, (a religious government) that discriminates against ALL other religions, including non religious spiritual beliefs (atheism) be allowed to exist in a country whose founding document makes freedom of religion a right, without a written pledge of allegiance to The Constitution.

What religion has been at war against “all” other religions in the world through out ALL of its existence?

What religion’s zenith corresponds to the depth of the dark ages?

Picture the scale of adherence to Sharia Law as a “yard stick.” The lower end of the scale identifying “tolerance” and the high end as “radical.” The whole is still Sharia. Sharia is the law of Islam. Muslim youths can pick out the point of the scale they wish to abide by.

Add the justification sin credits for avoidance of Hell, available for actions that advance the cause of Islam and you have a built in motivation for Jihad, a tenant of Sharia. And you have a warrior religion with a built in recruitment mechanism.

Now all that is needed is a charismatic personality bent on self-aggrandizement. Sedition?

What is the name of the religious organization, that exists in the United States today, and is supported by educational grants from the government for charter schools, that teach Civilizational Jihad, the infiltration, through immigration and exploitation of civil liberties available. ( and









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