Satan’s Fifth Column

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Satan’s Fifth column

We are allowing what is called a “fifth column” form in our country. A fifth column is a military tactic where the attacking army has an embedded “column” inside the target of conquest. That column supports the efforts of the attacker.

To use an example from recent history: National Socialism early in the last century, and Communism later, both of which openly fomented for eventual overthrow of our Republic used what was called “Cells.” In the T.V. spy story, “I Led Three Lives” they had to be “underground.

Today they do not have to be underground!

They are now being protected by the constitution! All this in the name of Political Correctness! Today they are called Mosques. Most funded by Saudi Arabia, promoter of one of the most virulent forms of Islam, who would not let our troops, fighting their war, (The Gulf War) during the Christmas holidays, display crosses or Christmas trees in our military camps?

What you say? Islam? A religion?

It is a theocracy, a warrior religion and government, bent on world domination! How you ask? Our president, the priest of Political Correctness, and politicians who have willingly looked the other way, have lumped all religions into one definition, no one is worse than any other, which is to say “ignore what their founding doctrinal statements say.”

Then in the name of “freedom of religion” we have to ignore the fact that when Islam is successful all other religions are outlawed or subjugated. This is plainly demonstrated in almost all the Islamic regimes on the face of the earth today. There are those who try to be “secular” but it is always precarious. (Turkey)

Their educational efforts funded by our Government? There are Public schools reciting the pillars of Islam, and discrediting Christianity. ( There is a religious organization, today, that is supported by educational grants from the Education Department for charter schools. It teaches Civilizational Jihad: “the infiltration, through immigration and exploitation of civil liberties available.” ( jtpjtza)

But what about the so-called moderate Muslims?

Some actually say Islam has to change. But does that include Sharia? Sharia has quite a range of adherence: from “banking to the killing of infidels.” Note: we are infidels. Maybe the Islamic Society of North America could enlighten us. When? Why hasn’t that already happened?

Could they all be part of what militarists in the past called the Fifth Column? Waiting the time we are ripe for conquest? Waiting for orders?





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