The reason I started this blog is the deplorable moral condition of the USA, and world, today. One of the reasons for the antagonistic title, Radical, is we Christians have been ineffective at holding the moral high ground. And that needs to change!  

God founded this country. It prospered under God. Indeed our past enemies wondered, aloud, if we were not divinely protected and enabled. (Nazi Germany in WWII) The USSR tried to stamp Him out and failed. Yet today, “our day”, is titled “the post Christian era!”

The God of the Bible is THE SOVEREIGHN of ALL CREATION! His power is demonstrated in the fact He SPOKE creation into existence: ex nihilo, “out of nothing”. Power? Unlimited! Infinite! His word says, “If He is for us who can be against us.” (Rom. 8:31) Do we really believe that? 

What has happened? There are two possible answers. One we have no control over. The other is the one that bothers me. Believers are invisible! We need to become “RADICAL”. But first I need to follow the example of two men who are listened to today: Ken Hamm and Franklin Graham. “Be visible and give The Gospel at every chance we get,” That Gospel, AKA the good news is…

I have broken God’s Law. The penalty: Death, Hades and Hell. God became a man, Messiah Jesus Christ. He lived a perfect life qualifying Himself as The Sacrifice to pay for ALL sin. He paid THAT price for me. I BELIEVE that and accept His payment for my sins. That is the short form. Later we will look at a longer form.

With The All Powerful Force in our corner, who is to blame for the condition we find ourselves in? The Church? Dating myself Pogo would have said, “I have met the enemy and he is us.” The Church is the aggregate of individual Believers. Real Believers believe Jesus Christ and His Humanity, Deity and Resurrection. I “qualify” that membership because the word “Christian” has been hijacked to camouflage some of Satan’s religions of today. I prefer the word Believer to identify all who Christ has really chosen.

I use the word “RADICAL” because it is used for one of the most visible of Satan’s religions today: Islam. And RADICAL are the differences. “Love your neighbor as you do love yourself” AGAINST murder, beheading, amputation and stoning? That is as RADICAL as radical can get!

We have erred in the fact we defend our faith in as shrill language as our enemies use to attack us. Defiance! Antagonistic. WWJD? He would Love! In comparison how RADICAL IS THAT? “Love your neighbor!”

To the Muslim, Neighbor, he is our neighbor (if we believe the definition of the word in the Bible) I say, “I love you in that I fear for your soul. Since I want to go to Heaven I want you to go to Heaven too. Jesus is the only way, ‘the narrow gate!’”

Taking Christ’s Law (love God and love your neighbor) to all our concerns with The World today seems RADICAL in contrast. It is radical. And I know from experience it works. AND God appears to approve by blessing my efforts. I have found there are many more Believers out there than I had envisioned. And they are extremely happy to see one who wears the cross on his shoulder. The “radical” resistance I expected is almost nonexistent. What I did receive was easily parried. (Luke 21:15)

OR are you ashamed of our Lord? (Luke 9:26, Mark 8:38)





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